iPads By Dylan J.

There are many different types of learners and the iPad helps most of them. If you are a hearing learner this device is extremely helpful.

1. I think that the most useful app is Evernote because you can write your homework there, you can write reports, and you can email the things you have made on Evernote to people.

2. The second most useful app in my opinion is Google docs. It can do everything Evernote does. You can also make presentations on it which you cannot do on Evernote.

3. The third is GoodReader because you can answer and edit things the teachers have put onto Evernote.

4.Sketch Book Express I think is a great app for all artists and drawers and if you are in art.

5. The 5th most useful app in my opinion is Veracross because that is where all of the teachers share their new notebooks with you.

I also think that styluses are extremely useful. I hope this information came in handy.


Ipad image

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4 thoughts on “iPads By Dylan J.

  1. I like Veracross but in my opinion it is much more useful, as it has your schedule on it.

  2. There are also lots of different kinds of styluses. Some come dirt cheap and have a thing to stick them in to the headphone jack, but they break easily. Others are more expensive, but break less often and are more accurate. You can’t have everything, can you?

  3. About good reader, I’m not a big fan because I think it’s too complicated. Great post though!

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