Camp Cheerio by Shaylen

I had such a BLAST at Camp Cheerio. I especially enjoyed the canoeing. It was so much fun but the down side of canoeing was my friend and I got stuck on a cliff for about 10 minutes! I also liked the mud slide. We got so muddy it was not even funny. It was very bumpy because in had a steep path filled with dirt rocks and tree branches, so you could imagine that. My last thing I really enjoyed that was not an activity was the food. It was so much better then the 5th grade trip at the other camp which is Camp Thunderbird. The food was horrible. It tasted like it was frozen for years, but at Camp Cheerio the food was delicious. It was half home made so it made it very good. The third activity I really enjoyed was the Vertical Play Pen. We did that on the first day. That was a big challenge to me and to a lot of other people. I HAD AN AWESOME TIME!!

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2 thoughts on “Camp Cheerio by Shaylen

  1. I also had an awesome time. I didn’t like the mudslide; I had a bruise from that bump at the bottom for four more days after we got back. I really liked the lake slide. I slowed down in the middle, then just sat at the edge of the slide. Then I needed to jump off. The water was really cold.

  2. @19davi, I really liked the mudslide! It was bumpy, but it was so awesome! I also liked the lake slide, but it wasn’t as fast, and I got stuck in the middle because I didn’t have enough force. I held the record of the day, 21 seconds! Most others did 7 seconds.

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