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  1. 19shaylen at |

    Yea Shaffer, everyone was excited, I also thought some people were a bit nervous.

  2. 19vasili at |

    I agree with you that these cases are helpful.

  3. 19fred at |

    I wasn’t too excited, but it is helpful for school.

  4. 19fred at |

    iPads are cool and helpful for school.

  5. Shaffer Woody at |

    I love the iPads! I think they are a great addition to the school.

  6. skip woody at |

    technology rocks! blogging is cool.

  7. 19david at |

    iPads are good if you use them correctly and appropriately. It is good not to have to carry around so much stuff.

  8. Spencer W at |

    Your Blog has great points! Me being a student certainly agree with iPads making life easier.

  9. 19aneesha at |

    Great job with your blog. I agree about the iPads dropping and the protective cases.

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