iPads by Shaffer W

This year in 2012, people were very excited about what we were getting; we were getting iPads. The whole middle school has an iPad. We got iPads because we think that it is easier to take notes, copy the homework, and we use less paper. It’s easier to carry around compared to having assignment notebooks and having a lot of paper.

I think our iPads are good addition to the school. The cases are very protective because I have seen many people drop their iPads and they didn’t break, but the hard thing about the iPads is trying not to lose them. I think Mr. Schaefer and Mr. Hoyt are doing a phenomenal job with iPads. I think that the ipads are a great idea for the school. I know that they have been waiting to bring ipads to Durham Academy and I’m glad they are bringing them in now before I leave the middle school. I still have a lot of things to learn on the iPad.

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9 thoughts on “iPads by Shaffer W

  1. iPads are good if you use them correctly and appropriately. It is good not to have to carry around so much stuff.

  2. Your Blog has great points! Me being a student certainly agree with iPads making life easier.

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