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  1. Davi at |

    Can someone read my blog and read Fablehaven? Please comment on your ideas of the series,or the book you read.

  2. Dalia Gheiler at |

    I love that you are so passionate about your book series. I know when you really like a book, because you can’t put it down. I think that I might want to read Flavehaven, so that I can comment o. Your comment.

  3. 19david at |

    I have read the first book in Fablehaven. It is a great, suspenseful series, and it has great cliffhanger endings. If you like this kind of book, I suggest the Hunger Games books.

  4. 19warbington at |

    I know what you mean by the idea that we aren’t alone. Like sometimes I look at the sky and wonder what is on the stars or is there a underground city? I read the books about urban myths and watch videos about unknown things and wonder.

  5. 19warbington at |

    What is the relationship between the Hunger Games and this book? From what Davi says it seem more fictional than realistic fiction like Hunger Games.

  6. 19david at |

    Ryan, how I am comparing the Hunger Games and Fablehaven is the cliffhangers and suspense.
    Even though no one has seen any life forms(except for bacteria on Mars), I do not believe we are alone. In about forty years, I am guessing that the world will be over populated and we will have to find another place to live, such as under the ocean or in space.

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