Mudslide Fun! By: Ellie M.

While I was at Camp Cheerio I went down the mudslide, which is so much fun. I was very scared because the pool of water that I went in has a visibility level of about 1 inch. I was very scared but the counselor said that the other girls didn’t go until the very end and they regretted not going sooner. So I waited a few minutes and watched people go down the slide. They were going pretty fast down the slide. I was not surprised though because the slide was very steep. One person did a face first landing straight in the water because he sat up at the end and the momentum shot him straight into the water. This made me not want to go down so I waited a few minutes, but against my own will I went down. I lay down on the the tarp. I crossed my knees and the counselor pushed me down. I was scared going down the slide, but when I plopped in the pool I wanted to do it again. The original with the mud visibility was now almost gone as I went down the slide many more times, and by the end of the day my feet were all muddy.

Camp Cheerio Mudslide

By Mrs. Donnelly

4 thoughts on “Mudslide Fun! By: Ellie M.

  1. Yes, but I kind of got scared but I went down and got a disgusting foot rub (it was the mud) and then I ran out and did it again and again and again. It was soooooo much fun!

  2. Nice note! I’m impressed you overcame your understandable reluctance to going down that slide. I know that trying something for the first time can be frightening sometimes regardless of your age.

    So big kudos to you!

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