Camp Cheerio by Will P

I had a lot of fun at Camp Cheerio! I especially enjoyed the mudslide, zip-line, lake slide, and playing basketball. Although it rained during my trip to the mudslide and zip-line, I had a good time. Also, I loved playing Ollie Ollie Octopus and doing the energizers. I had no idea that I would end up loving them! My favorite dance was definitely Ice Cream and Cake. I did the hike on the first day and it was very exhausting. I ran out of water before I got to the top of the mountain. I think that the food at Camp Cheerio was a lot better than the food at Camp Thunderbird! During the trip, I renewed old friendships and made new ones too.

Mud Slide

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

10 thoughts on “Camp Cheerio by Will P

  1. Will,

    I enjoyed reading about your adventures at Camp Cheerio. It sure sounds like there are many fun activities to enjoy. Did you sit by a campfire at night with your group before bed? I am glad to hear you made new friends and enjoyed time with your old buddies too. Just wait till next year…..DC!

  2. Mom, yes, before bed on one of the nights we went to an indoor campfire. There, the counselors told us scary stories. It was a lot of fun!

  3. Will, I also think that the food was good. Camp food just isn’t usually that good. I liked Ice Cream and Cake too!

  4. @19david, when you said ice cream and cake in your comment, you just reminded me of that disturbing, but catchy song. I loved the mudslide, but Mathew had to go down the mudslide without water.

  5. Oh yeah! I wasn’t really paying attention but he said like the water stopped or something when he went. I know this is off topic but what schools did you guys go to before you went to DA? @19fred and @19will I know you have been here at DA for a while now. @19will.

  6. @19jinger, I came to DA in third grade and I went to ephesus before I came here. Where did you go before coming to DA?

  7. @19jinger, I went to Washington Elementary before I came here. I could’ve come here at 5th grade if I wanted to, but I decided not to. And no, my school was not in Washington, it was just named after George Washington.

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