Canoeing at Camp Cheerio by Jack H

If you are going to canoe at Camp Cheerio you should bring a pair of water shoes or old tennis shoes. You should bring old clothes or a bathing suit because you will get wet. When I went it was raining so I got really wet.  In the beginning there were some cows and sometimes they went into the water.  There were a lot of rocks in the water so don’t think you are bad just because you hit a lot of rocks. If you go canoeing at Camp Cheerio have fun!



photo by Mrs. Donnelly

2 thoughts on “Canoeing at Camp Cheerio by Jack H

  1. It sounds like it’s fun to go canoeing at Camp Cheerio. I hope you had a good time, and that you would like to go canoeing with me some time.

    Do you remember the time that we went canoeing at Lake Crabtree with Eva and got stranded on the far side of the lake? Getting stranded was almost as much fun as getting flipped out of the canoe by Eva…twice!

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