Dogs by: Ellie

If you go outside and go for a walk how many people do you see? How many of those people have dogs? The answer is a lot. Many people have dogs and many people have cats, but dogs are much cuter! Dogs are loyal and they are like your own free security system. I like dogs because they know exactly how you feel. They know if you are happy and they will play. If you are sad they will comfort. If you are mad they will leave you alone. They also will act like they just had a super-size cup of coffee but all in all dogs are cute and they will be an energetic companion.

Snow day, 5 February 2012

8 thoughts on “Dogs by: Ellie

  1. I love dogs! I agree that they are much cuter than cats! I have a dog and she looks like a mini of the picture on your post. Her name is Tui. Who else has a puppy or a dog?

  2. I agree, dogs are cutie. I have one myself. He is a Chocolate Lab. What is your favorite type of dog?

  3. Black Labs are soooo cute but French Bulldogs are cuter! I still love black labs though.

  4. My yellow lab died last November, but the day after Thanksgiving, we are going to pick up our new puppy. (who was born October 1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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