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  1. 19grace at |

    Nice post Ellie I love dogs, and I have one too. 😃

  2. 19joannabr at |

    I love dogs! I agree that they are much cuter than cats! I have a dog and she looks like a mini of the picture on your post. Her name is Tui. Who else has a puppy or a dog?

  3. 19katie at |

    I agree, dogs are cutie. I have one myself. He is a Chocolate Lab. What is your favorite type of dog?

  4. 19ellie at |

    I like French bulldogs the most but I have an adorable black lab!

  5. 19katie at |

    French Bulldogs are very cute, but I like black labs better.

  6. Miriam at |

    My yellow lab died last November, but the day after Thanksgiving, we are going to pick up our new puppy. (who was born October 1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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