I Am Proud Of by Bella K.

I am proud of the friends I have. Not everyone likes me or my friends, but as long as I’m happy with them, I think I’m good. My friends don’t care about what your ethnicity is, how smart you are, or what you wear. Real friends care about you. Would your friends wait for you until you unpack your bag in the morning, come with you to drop off your things at a class, help you find things when you lost them? Well, my friends do. And that’s why we’re happy when we hang out. We cheer for each other at PE, we jibber jabber about things at recess. We can tell each other who we like because we trust each other. I am proud of my friends because I like the way they are.



6 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of by Bella K.

  1. Wow,Bella. It seems like you made great friends quickly. I’m glad that you like your friends,and it sounds like you guys really care for each other. I’ve enjoyed reading about such great things your and your classmates have written about. They are fabulous!

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