I Am Proud Of…By Davi

I am proud of climbing to the top of the climbing wall at Camp Cheerio. At my old school, we also went to a camp, and at the camp there was also a climbing wall. I never got to the top of this one, not even halfway up. I don’t know what happened to me at Camp Cheerio. Maybe it was the environment that gave me strength to climb all the way to the top. Maybe it was the thought that if I got higher, I got more time going down in the electric belayer. The belayer was really fun to go down with. There were some walls in that area that I knew that I couldn’t scale. I went on them anyway just to go down on the belayer. I thought that I was doing that on this climbing wall but I climbed to the top. Thanks for reading my I Am Proud Of by yours truly, Davi Spiro-Gheiler.

If your have any questions about Camp Cheerio, climbing walls, my old school, or anything else, just post a comment on my blog, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.




2 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of…By Davi

  1. I witnessed your prior attempts and I am proud of your progress. You can always climb as high as you want in all your endeavors.

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