I Am Proud Of by Frederick C.

I am proud of my mini garden. It was about two years ago when we planted a fruit and vegetable garden. I had to help make it, but I thought it would be pretty boring and lame to help. So we started planting all these plants, got bit by mosquitos, and stuck pulling annoying little weeds. Besides that, it was pretty cool but not really all that fun. After a while, all these vegetables started growing including peppers and many others. My mom told me to give it water every day. Even though I gave it water once every two days it still grew. Every summer we made a garden. Right now we are growing peppers and watermelon. The watermelon is really big, growing day by day. I can’t wait to eat it!

Vegetable Gardening

11 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of by Frederick C.

  1. Fred this is a really cool mini garden. It looks like you have put a lot of time into it. The watermelon sounds really good. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

  2. I want to eat it, but since its getting cold, the plant might die before it fully grows. 🙁

  3. Wow Fred! I have been wanting a vegetable garden lately and I hope we plant one in the Spring. What is your favorite thing to grow Fred?

  4. My favorite thing to grow are probably peppers, and watermelon, but for the most part, I like to grow anything. What are you hoping to grow Will?

  5. Is that your garden? It’s an awesome garden anyways. If it actually is yours, then luckyyyyyy. I have a herb and vegetable garden. I actually have some squash growing right now. They might be ready for Halloween.

  6. Do you have any tips for my mom and me? She’s tried multiple times to get a garden that doesn’t only consist of flowers, but they die really quickly. I managed to grow a carrot once, but then winter came before i could pick it, so it died.
    :(. Any advice?

  7. Fred, I am not sure what I want to grow. Maybe jalapeños so I can make jalapeño poppers. What else do you suggest?

  8. @19davi, no it is not my garden. But my garden is as big as that.
    @19charlie, make sure the mulch is changed or replaced maybe once a while, or whenever you feel like you need to. Also, right when season starts for that fruit or veggie, make sure you get it right away, so it will be ready when seasons over. Give it lots of water every day, and fertilize it.
    @19will, grow what you like. Watermelon is really easy to grow if you feed it right. Just grow whatever you like and give it water everyday. Tomatoes and peppers are the most easy.

  9. Sounds really cool Fred! That’s great I have a mini garden I grow too! Right now I am growing tomatoes.

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