I Am Proud Of… by Jinger C.

I am proud of myself for accomplishing a lot of things for the midway point of the first quarter. I have changed a lot of things from last year and that has helped me accomplish and improv more things. One of the things that I have changed from last year is studying habits. Last year I studied at the last minute before a quiz or studied somewhere I knew I would get distracted by. This year I have one of my parents quiz me or I use Quizlet which has helped me a lot. I also think I have been improving on my reading. I have opened up to read plenty of different genres and books when I used to only read one type of book. One more thing I am proud of is using my tutorial time wisely. This year I am using tutorial to read and do my homework instead of talking to my friends.

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9 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of… by Jinger C.

  1. That seemed like an awesome project. It seems really difficult to do. All those wires make it seem so complicated. I’m very proud of the work you’ve done so far as well. Keep up the fantastic work

  2. Quizlet has helped me a lot too! Same with me on the studying, at my old school I never once had to comment!

  3. I really think you are off to a good start. You mentioned you have improved on reading and I was wondering what books you have read since the beginning of school?

  4. Thanks dad! It was an awesome project. I know, all those positive and negative wires does make it seem complicated! Thanks for commenting on my post!

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet words of encouragement Mrs.C! It means a lot to me. Especially coming from you! 🙂

  6. Thanks Anna! I have been reading a lot of biographies and historical fiction. Remember that book we read together in the third grade Esperañza Rising? I am currently reading that book right now.

  7. Wow that sounds like you improved a lot of things from last year! What do you think is your biggest accomplishment?

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