iPads by David: Simple Settings

Are you having trouble with doing things on the iPads? Here are some simple tricks:

1.Tap the top of the page in Safari to quickly scroll up to the top of the page. This is not very useful if it is a short page, but if you are reading a long article, than it it is very helpful.

2.Turn on multitasking gestures in general settings. It will help you a lot. For example, now you can swipe up with four or five fingers to get to the access toolbar that you normally have to get to by double-clicking the home button. In my experience, that is inefficient and hard to do.You can also swipe to the left or right with four or five fingers to get between apps that are running. This is useful if you need to constantly switch between two apps.

3.If you are uncomfortable with reading on the iPad at home, hold down a finger and a little magnifying glass will come up. Highlight what you want read to you and then press Read. It will read it to you.

4.If you are uncomfortable with typing on the iPad, put two fingers in the middle of the keyboard and swipe outward. This will split the keyboard in to and it could help you type.

5. If you are reading at night (with permission, of course), and the white screen hurts your eyes, go to General Settings-Accessibility-Black on White-On. This will not give off as much light and it will be easier to read in the dark.

These are a few simple tips that will help you.


Photo taken by David P.

13 thoughts on “iPads by David: Simple Settings

  1. Why would you need permission to read at night? Most parents would be grateful that their kids read at night. Do you read too much, so then your parents want you to do something else besides read? If so, then that is a very strange case. Like I said, most parents would be proud that their kids are reading a lot.

  2. Well, sometimes you might be supposed to be asleep because at this age, you need a lot of sleep. It is good to read, but Mrs. D. suggests charging the iPad not in the room.

  3. Thanks for this post. I find this very informative. For example, I didn’t know about the multitasking gestures. I will start using them.

    @19davi. Perhaps reading too late at night, when we are supposed to be sleeping, is not a great idea, even though parents do like their children to read. I will see if I can talk to David P.’s parents and see if they can be more flexible. I have heard that they are reasonable folk.

  4. David, I like your tips for the iPad. You shared things that people learning to use the iPad probably didn’t know. It’s helpful to learn ways to use the device more effectively and efficiently.

    I like your discussion about reading at night. Davi made a good point about finding out more information as there are students who could read 24 hours a day! It’s always a good idea to find a balance. Remember our ‘Attention Cockpit’ where the mental energy controls are very important. We talked about how sixth graders should be getting between 8-10 hours of sleep. That’s hard to do sometimes with homework, sports, and family activities.

    Way to go David and Davi….for engaging in an online discussion. That’s what blogging is all about!

  5. These are excellent points and a great conversation. Your post has brought solid engagement to topics of interest. Bravo!

  6. David, this is a great job you have done. I assume you worked very hard on this. Great you for telling everyone how to do shortcuts. Nice job!¡

  7. Well, there are students who could read 24 hours a day, including me, but that doesn’t mean that they do. There are usually lots more things people are interested in, including sports, which take up quite a bit of time.

  8. I could also read 24/7 if I had a good book. I just get so engrossed in a book that I don’t want to let it go.

  9. Good books are part of it, so is having so little to do that reading is the only option. I like to read, but it is good to have some variety.

  10. Something thing I forgot was Speak Selection. It is in the accessibility settings, and it controls how fast something is read to you. The closer it is to the turtle, the slower it is. The closer to the rabbit, the faster it is. It can be helpful, but it can also cause trouble.

  11. Why did you say that it will be easier to read in the dark? Most people read in the light.

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