Zip-lining at Cheerio by Sylvia

Zip-lining at Camp Cheerio was really fun. It was also really high, which made it even more fun. I thought most of our time was gone by the time we finished putting harnesses on and talking about all the rules, and the hill was very steep, but that wasn’t much of a problem. Actually, we had plenty of time, even though I only got to go twice. While I was on the zip-line, I felt like I was flying, but of course, that’s not possible. Then I tried leaning backwards. That was really fun. Unfortunately, I was the first one that didn’t get to go three times, so I just waited for everyone to come down. I was sad to leave the zip-line, but then I had the mud slide to look forward to.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly


12 thoughts on “Zip-lining at Cheerio by Sylvia

  1. I love the picture Sylvia, where’d you get it? It looks so fun! I wish I had had the sense to do that!😉!

  2. My picture is funny, it also matches what I said in the blog, that’s why I chose it.😃

  3. Haha in your picture it seems like you had no fear or worries of what could happen when you did that…😄

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