I Am Proud Of by Kira S.

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I am proud of becoming a stronger reader so far this year. Reading more books during the time that we are given in class and reading at home has also helped me. Reading every day helps me do well in reading.I hope to continue becoming a better reader the rest of the year.

5 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of by Kira S.

  1. Kira, what an awesome thing to be proud of. The more you read, the more you know! I’m curious what you think being a ‘better reader’ involves besides reading more. Thoughts?

  2. I think you should take the time and infer or pick out the important things in the book your reading. You should also think about the main idea of the book.

  3. That is something you should be proud of! I have been trying to improve my reading skills as well.

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