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  1. 19shaylen at |

    Nice! I use too play tennis for two years.

  2. Jenny D at |

    Sounds like fun! You are so good at tennis, I hope I will be good at tennis just like you are on day!! I need you to teach me 🙂

  3. Jenny D at |

    Oh yeah, not the best experience hopefully I will learn from my mistakes!!!

  4. 19bella at |

    I didn’t know you played tennis! I played tennis about a year ago, but I quit because my coach really stinked. 😉

  5. jrwilliams at |

    I’m proud of your hard work in tennis as well!!! 🙂

  6. 19jingerc at |

    I play tennis too. I enjoy playing tennis with you at clinics these past couple of weeks! It is really fun, I always have a great time when you are there! You are really good at tennis!

  7. Anna at |

    I play tennis as well! I’m not as good as you are unfortunately but I have been trying hard and I hope to get your level soon. Are you playing for the Durham Academy team next year?

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