I Am Proud Of by Neil M


I am proud of running in the national track and field meet, in the 1500 meter race, over the summer leading up to sixth grade. I finished 19th with a time of 5:03 seconds. There were 57 runners in my age group running the 1500 meter from all over the country. The runner that won in my age group was from the triangle. He set a national record! I’ve been racing against him in every single meet and can’t quite beat him.

12 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of by Neil M

  1. I think that it is really cool that you ran in the National meet. You are a really(emphasis on really)fast runner.

  2. Thanks David, yeah it was really exciting I also got to see all my friends on my track team run.

  3. The 1500 meteris only 100 meters shorter than a mile which is a 1600 meter. The mile is 4 laps around a track.

  4. Wow! You could be in the Olympics one day! Do you think your more of a short distance runner or long distance?

  5. Awesome! Also, @Neil, do you know the name of the person who set the national record?😄

    P. S. I hope you reach the 🔝🔜!👍

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