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  1. Cynthia at |

    That is really amazing!

  2. 19michael at |

    That’s really cool.

  3. 19david at |

    I think that it is really cool that you ran in the National meet. You are a really(emphasis on really)fast runner.

  4. Neil M at |

    Thanks David, yeah it was really exciting I also got to see all my friends on my track team run.

  5. 19will at |

    Wow Neil! How far (in terms of the track) is 1500 meter?

  6. Neil M at |

    The 1500 meteris only 100 meters shorter than a mile which is a 1600 meter. The mile is 4 laps around a track.

  7. 19jingerc at |

    Wow! You could be in the Olympics one day! Do you think your more of a short distance runner or long distance?

  8. 19aneesha at |

    Whoa! That’s really cool!! Great job!!!

  9. 19sheridan at |

    Awesome! Also, @Neil, do you know the name of the person who set the national record?😄

    P. S. I hope you reach the 🔝🔜!👍

  10. Miriam at |

    That is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  11. 19kay at |

    That’s really good!!! How many races have you competed in?

  12. Dylan at |

    😎 That is a really good time.👽

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