I Am Proud Of by Noah


I am proud of my ability to play the piano at high levels. After winning multiple first places at competitions, I was motivated to be at a state level of competition. I then participated in the regional competition, hoping to get past that level and then get to go to state level. Before regionals I had practiced my piano pieces so many times, I was almost positive I would win the competition. Sure enough I did win, although the suspense was nearly too much for me to handle while I was waiting for the results. I felt so great while driving home, I had passed the regionals and got the opportunity to win states and play in a recital! So after regionals, I had practiced my pieces another billion times and when states finally came I walked in and played my pieces. In the end, I was one of the few people to be selected for the honors recital.


11 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of by Noah

  1. This is fantastic! I understand good piano players go through hours and hours of practice. Way to go!

  2. About 7,000 more hours, considering an hour or more a day of practice for seven years. So based on these calculations, I would reach 10,000 hours at approximately the age of 19-20.

  3. Congratulations! That is such a big accomplishment! I have a piano at my house my mom bought because she eventually wants me to learn how to play. It seems like a very fun thing to do! Do you have any recommendations or tips that you could share with me for when I start playing? 🙂

  4. Well, first off Jinger, you would need to find a good teacher, one that communicates well and lets you know their true opinion, or else it is hard to improve. Secondly, the piano takes time. Time, effort and the willingness to improve are essential while practicing.
    As for the actual technical parts of playing, do not ever be tense, it will really affect how people hear you, one place I used to be tense when I started was my wrist, and if your wrist is tense, it totally locks up your hand. By the way, every single piano is unique, some piano’s keys may be harder to press while others may be easier.

  5. What fabulous suggestions, Noah. Some of your recommendations could apply to other areas as well, including academics.

  6. Thank you, I will definetly keep your recommendations In mind for future lessons. That was very helpful Noah.

  7. Noah, How long has it been since you started playing the Piano? I started about a two years ago and I’m still not very good. I really good at memorizing things apparently.

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