I Am Proud Of by Sylvia

Photo by Sylvia

This is our trophy from our first tournament.

I am proud of my soccer team because we won two tournaments in a row, and last year we walked away with only silvers. The last tournament we played in we crushed every team we played (9-0, 6-0) except for the one we played in the finals. We should have won, but the ref didn’t like our coach, so we went to PKs. We made our first one, they missed, then we both made it, then we both missed, then we both made it. If we made this one, we would win. GOAL!!! We won!

8 thoughts on “I Am Proud Of by Sylvia

  1. Wow sounds like a close game! My sister had to play goalie for a PK and she had never played goalie before and the game depended on it. The girl shot and my sister blocked it!

  2. That’s so cool! I’m really interested in soccer. I play in a team too, but we’re not as good as your team…😅
    It seems like you love soccer and that you’re very happy because you won! I feel your feeling…😜

  3. The tournament that the trophy is from was harder, but since we won it, we got an automatic spot in the CASL Shootout (a big tournament). We won a silver medal in that one.

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