Community Service by Franny C.

DA does community service. On 10-17-12, my advisory went gleaning. Gleaning is where you go to a field (with permission of course) and you gather as much of the leftover crop that you can. We were gleaning sweet potatoes. It was really fun. I was partnered with Sylvia and we got over forty bags of potatoes! The bags were a bit hard to open but we managed. Sylvia and I found about four giant potatoes and they weren’t hard to find either. I had so much fun.

In the beginning, the instructor lady got really emotional. She said that we should get at least ten bags each and most of us ended up getting at least higher than fifteen. Some of us even got over one hundred bags! Leaving, I realized how lucky I was to have food every night when some people didn’t even know when their next meal would be! Suddenly, I realized what a big help our community service would be! We are still waiting for the number of pounds of potatoes to come but I know it is alot because each bag weighed about ten pounds- just taking a guess here but I’m pretty sure that is a lot of potatoes! Now, some people might think this is odd, but I am actually looking forward to our next community service!

Photo by Mrs Donnelly

4 thoughts on “Community Service by Franny C.

  1. Franny, there were a lot of potatoes in that field, did you find any of the huge ones? 😉

  2. I think It was defiantly worth all the hard work! And yes, Sylvia and I got a lot of HUGE ones! Our biggest potato was about the size of a smaller football! Gleaning was actually pretty fun, though unlike my grandfather’s potatoes, it wasnt like finding treasure when you found one because there were a ton already above- ground!😉

  3. Dar would be happy to know about your gleaning project, Franny. You should email him and tell him to read your blog. I will send you his email address. Looks like you worked really hard. You are lucky that a lot of the potatoes weren’t too hard to find! I’m sure the people who received the potatoes were very grateful. Good work! Love, Mom

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