Gleaning by Frederick C

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In October, some of our advisories went to a sweet potatoe farm to feed the hungry, called gleaning. For 2 hours we picked potatoes to feed the hungry.  When we got to the farm we paired up to bag the potatoes and pick the potatoes. First, we just started picking the potatoes just to help them, but in about 20 minutes it became a competition between our group and another.

Each bag was about 10 pounds! The competition got real intense, each of us picking potatoes, bagging them, and storing them in the trucks. People started joining our group, and their group, and soon it was 7 against 5. After 2 hours of picking the potatoes, we came up with 125 sweet potato bags, making up about 1,250 pounds of potatoes. The competition made it really fun, and I felt really good because we just fed thousands of people who are fighting hunger.

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