Grammar Project by Bella K.

In my LA class we did a grammar project. We each had to pick a subject and get ready for our presentation. I picked run-on sentences. Run-on sentences are sentences that have no conjunction or ending mark and are therefore smushed together. Many people picked run-on sentences, but I still wanted to because I had learned it earlier, and it was simple and fun. Most of my classmates did their project on Keynote. I did mine in Comic Life because I wanted mine to look fun and exiting. Comic Life has many creative and “popping up” pages. On my first page, it was basically the cover page. On my second, I explained what run-on sentences were and put an example. And on my last, I closed it up and put pictures of the apps I got my sources from. It was just like how you write. Topic, body, and conclusion. I like my grammar project because I made it mine.

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