Grammar Project by Grace G.


So in Mrs. Donnelly’s Language Arts class we had to do a grammar project, and my topic was semicolons. The first thing I did was find good sources. I found the Grammar app, Grammar Girl app, and Grammar Guide. I found a lot of interesting things about semicolons; for example, you use a semicolon before introductory words like, therefore, for example, however, and many other words. I found that you use a semicolon when there are two short sentences that are related to each other. For example, “Don’t eat the apple; it could have worms.” I learned many things, but how was I going to present them to the class in under three minutes? I decided to present my information on Keynote on the iPad, so it would be kind of like a slideshow. Going up in front of my class was kind of scary, but I enjoyed it! I really loved this project!

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  1. You did a really good job on your grammar project! It really helped me understand semicolons!

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