First, Second, and Third Person by Katie C

 This picture was made by Katie C.

You can use either first, second, or third person in a sentence. An example for first person is we. One for second person is you and one for third person is they. First, second and third person is an importante part of the sentence. It could be confusing if you use the first person instead of second or third person. One example is Hi, How are I? The correct way is Hi, how are you? That is the difference between first, second, and third person.

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5 thoughts on “First, Second, and Third Person by Katie C

  1. Nice post! I really love the photo with the snowmen When I saw your post my eyes were drawn to that picture! I wish I got to see you whole project! Maybe you can show it to me one time.

  2. I am sorry Jinger, but my iPad was wiped and I lost the presentation. Again I am really sorry.

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