My Grammar Project by Franny C.

My grammar project was about complete vs incomplete sentences. I found out that there are two parts of a sentence:

The subject- who or what the sentence is about.

The predicate- what he/she/it is doing, will do, or has done.

I had some examples like: Peter walked his dog, and The dogs played on the floor. If you don’t have a subject, a predicate, or both, than it would not be a complete sentence. Even I, who knew some about this topic already, learned something. I’m not really sure why I chose this topic but it was one of the ones left when I went to get a topic. I also think that this subject sort of relates to me because I love to write stories and I like to know if my sentences are correct.

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2 thoughts on “My Grammar Project by Franny C.

  1. I knew a bit about it before but it was a bit hard to get all the information I forgot about! What what was your project?

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