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  1. 19charlie at |

    This is a really good start!

  2. 19warbington at |

    Our book is coming along pretty well! I liked the words we used!

  3. 19joannabr at |


  4. 19david at |

    Guys, our book is awesome!! I hope we finish chapter 1 soon.

  5. 19charlie at |

    No offense but you effectively just Spoiled the next Quite a few chapters.

  6. 19batu at |

    Great story! I really want to read the rest of the story!

  7. 19fred at |

    Good start, I’m really curious about the rest.

  8. 19david at |

    Yes I know we spoiled the chapter, but we will hopefully post it soon.

  9. 19david at |

    Thanks For Commenting!!! Our story is coming along well. We are working at a faster pace, and I think that we could try to get 1 chapter a week if we wanted. Be watching our archives for the newest chapters!

  10. 19ryan at |

    I don’t think we should post a chapter a week because,

    1. I don’t want to spoil the book.

    2. Real writers take years or write their books lets take our time!

    3. We should have time to edit it.

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