Diamond Age Prologue by Davi, David, and Ryan


I woke up to the sound of the drum. I slipped on my fur cloak and belted on my deerskin tunic and I walked outside of my tent into the circle of men.

The elder greeted me, “Congratulations! Today you become a man!” All the men in the circle were holding something to give me.

The first man gave me a piece of flint and a stone. He said, “Take this. If you strike the flint with the stone, you can catch the sparks to make a fire.”

The next man gave me a small hand ax. He did not say anything, but he nodded and smiled.

The third man held out a spear with a blade of stone and a shaft of strong, lightweight wood. Along with the spear, he gave me a knife. “Take these,” he said. “They will protect you on your journey.”

The last man smiled and said, “I am not wealthy and have nothing of large importance to give to you. However, I can give you this.” He gave me a leather pack with a small bag of rations in it.

I thanked him, knowing that what he said was true. The tribe leader then ushered me towards the ceremonial fire. The eldest man and the eldest woman came out of a hut by the edge of the cliff.

The man said, “It is now time to receive your quest.” He closed his eyes, and started rocking back and forth. After what seemed like an eternity, the elder finally opened his eyes. He said, “Your quest is to travel across all the land, to a place called Diamond Cliffs. There you will receive the next part of your quest.”

That night, my sleep was filled with nightmares of my quest to come; terrifying monsters, undead armies, and a fiery demon. I awoke next morning in a cold sweat. I threw on my tunic and cloak, strapped the spear and the pack to my back, slid the knife into my belt, and set off to the Diamond Cliffs.

14 thoughts on “Diamond Age Prologue by Davi, David, and Ryan

  1. Thanks Charlie. Soon chapter one will be on the blog. Can you tell more people to read the prologue?


  2. Thanks you all. I agree with you Ryan, I also liked all the simple words that we replaced with fancy words.

  3. Maybe we should end chapter one when the raptors come. so we can end with suspense. Then we should extend the fight with the spider, if not the plot is advancing way too fast for the book to actually be long. I like the name shadow, but eclipse of e-b-o-n-y (sorry, but the blog won’t let me post the full word) sounds better. I suggest that we ask Mrs Donnelly for some advice in elongating the story. Maybe she can help us embellish it. Add more details to the plot, and slow down the story a little bit. I think that the spider should chase the main character down into the cave, then entangle him in the web. Also make the fight with the raptors slower. These are just some ideas.

  4. Thanks For Commenting!!! Our story is coming along well. We are working at a faster pace, and I think that we could try to get 1 chapter a week if we wanted. Be watching our archives for the newest chapters!

  5. I don’t think we should post a chapter a week because,

    1. I don’t want to spoil the book.

    2. Real writers take years or write their books lets take our time!

    3. We should have time to edit it.

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