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Honestly, at first I just acted like I was into politics because it was the one time in the year my parents let me stay up a little longer than my bedtime. I am proud of myself for at least watching politics with my family on TV sometimes and for being interested. There is a lot of talk about politics! Every time I turn on the TV it seems like politics is everywhere.

Right now I am with my family waiting to see who is going to become president. The two candidates running are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. After two years of campaigning everyone is anxious to see who won! Both of these candidates really want to win. After watching a lot of politics with my family it seemes like both of these candidates have been campaigning really hard. I never knew how big a deal it was. Starting from George Washington and ending at Barack Obama. Too bad only one can win!

I enjoyed listening to speeches that they have made in the past and trying to catch vocabulary words they have said. They both seem to have very good policies. We have been watching a lot of different stations like CNN, FOX, MSNVC. Sadly I cannot stay up forever to see who has won. I am excited to figure out who wins in the morning. I know whoever becomes our president will serve our country well and can’t wait to see who will run next year! You never know about politics. There are always twist and turns especially running for preseident! That’s why I find it interesting! 🇺🇸

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3 thoughts on “Politics by Jinger

  1. It is funny how hard those politicians try to win. They are spreading rumors about the others. It is also interesting how different news stations have different views, with Fox News very Republican, and MSNBC being very Depemocratic.

  2. Yes, that’s what really fascinates me @19david. Different channels supported different candidates. They campaigned day and night and put so much money and effort into it so they could win. I wonder how Mitt Romney felt after.

  3. I find it very interesting about how the different networks always stress very different points! I hear that the reason the networks try and show different views, is because it gets them viewers. This is because if a person has the same views as the network they’re more likely to watch it. I really like your blog post!

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