My Top Three Favorite Books By Dylan J

My all time favorite book was Inheritance in the Eragon series. I like this book because the plot was written well and it keeps you reading with exciting things on each page. Although, if you do not like reading books that are long, this might be a little long. It is 839 pages long.

My second favorite book is The Heroes of Olympus series. I like this series because I am into Greek mythology and I like how they have different characters tell their part of the stories at different times. These books are around 400-600 pages long, so a little long.

My third favorite book is Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. It might be a little inappropriate because it is about a kid who is extremely smart that is manipulated into doing many evil things. Although I still liked this book because it hooks you in. It is 486 pages but the font is tiny and it should be about 650 pages.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions.

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