Soccer Tournament by Jack

Last weekend I went to a soccer tournament called the C.A.S.L Shoot Out. I play goalie and right midfield. Our first game was close but we still won one to zero. The second was not as close. We won three to one. The third game was the same as the second game, three to one. I scored a goal in this game. This is what happened. The goalie punted the ball and it bounced over the defender’s head. So I ran after the ball. It bounced over to the corner flag. It was going out so I tried to cross the ball, but my momentum made the ball curve. It bounced once, then in the GOAL. The fourth game was the finals. We won the game two to zero.We won the tournament so we got a big cup and some medals.

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8 thoughts on “Soccer Tournament by Jack

  1. Great job Jack! It sounds like you had fun. I am on a TU team too. I also play goalie half of the game and in the field for the other half. Where was your tournament?

  2. Cool medal! All these soccer playing people are winning tournaments except my team…😅oh well, it’s for fun.

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