Blackout by Nathan

It all started with being sick. I had a stomach bug that had made me miserable for a week. It was Monday and I was in chorus practicing in Taylor Hall with the rest of our class for the upcoming consert. We were in the middle of the song “Away to America” when I started noticing it. It got extremely hot in the huge room and I could feel beads of sweat crawling down my face. Then I felt sick in my stomach which wasn’t uncommon for that week. What came next was the corners of my vision started to go dark. The darkness made its way closer and closer to the center of my sight. All I could see right before it all went black was the bright light iluminating the stage. You know when you hear that frequency that is really irritating in your ears? Well that was what it was like times three along with not hearing anymore the mellifluous sound of the piano playing. That’s when I realized what was happening and immediately sat down on the stage. Thank goodness I did because right then I was on the brink of passing out. I went home a little later that day feeling miserable.






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10 thoughts on “Blackout by Nathan

  1. No blacked out there is a difference. Blacking out is what happens right before you pass out but you don’t completely loose conscience.

  2. Ohhhhh…I want that to happen to me so that I know what it feels like…😰 Are you better now?

  3. That once happened to me. I was at my brothers lacrosse game and I just started to feel nausious and then I can’t really remember what happened next. I just fell over and my dad took me to the hospital. It was really scary.

  4. When I was eight I was really sick and I blacked out at the hospital after I got there because I had had a really bad stomach virus.

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