Lego Project by Norman

My favorite project is the Lego project. We build Lego technic projects. Mr.Bryson quizzes us and we answer three questions and move on to the next mini-project. We are still doing the project so I only have this picture. It is a series of treads and gears with a crank.

Image taken by me


8 thoughts on “Lego Project by Norman

  1. I also love this project! You and Franny look like you are great partners and work together!

  2. We just finished the cooking batter thing. I forgot what it’s called we just took the quiz on it today.

  3. At the moment we are on the hill climb free build and we are making a tank design with most of the weight at the front

  4. I’m not sure if I like the project or not because you could only see the final completed picture of the model. It’s was kind of confusing when you couldn’t see the other side. But good for you that you like it a lot!

  5. We built about seven cars and none of them worked ūüôĀ
    Even though all of them seemed to work in my head.
    Several were tanks, some were rear wheeled, some were front wheeled and a few were all three.

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