Surprise by Sam





Photo drawn by: Sam

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? I do. Do this turn around in every direction and put a menacing look on your face. Then if someone or something is there you are ready for a surprise. Always stay alert and nothing humiliating or bad will not happen to you. You can learn from the mistakes your make like this. Do not be scared of anything and do not be taken by surprise.

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5 thoughts on “Surprise by Sam

  1. This post is so random. I agree with what you say, and I get the same feeling, but why did you post this? It doesn’t go with anything that we’re
    Ousting now? I’m really confused.

  2. I hate the feeling of being watched, especially at night!
    Once I swear I saw someone outside of my house!

  3. It feels weird being watched. There is this person who we believe lives in the forest behind my yard, and he is always leaving cans and old shoes everywhere. It is odd.

  4. I agree with you Ryan. Seeing someone outside your house at night watching you is like a scene from a horror movie. I wouldn’t be able to sleep after something like that.

  5. Once, I heard steps on the road at night and a gunshot, and in the morning we found a shell casing and a bullet several hundred feet away.

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