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  1. 19kay at |

    I really like your picture! I really like how you used a real picture, and then used skitch to add in all of the other things that you’re thankful for! I really like how you said that you’re thankful for so many things! Great post!

  2. 19kira at |

    I totally agree with you! I do think sometimes people forget how important it is to have an education or writing utensils etc. I also can count on my friends to make my day better! Great article!

  3. 19anna at |

    This post was very good. I love that you took the time to think of not only one but multiple different things you are thankful for in one post. I agree with the technology thing. Occasionally I will just blank out on spelling sometimes while I’m writing. I remember in lower school we all had a spiral notebook and our teachers would give us a lot of time to just relax and free write stories and poems. I wish we had a couple periods of LA in the week just to free write. Do you?

  4. 19aneesha at |

    I loved reading your blog!! It’s well written and I agree with what you said!!!

  5. pdonnelly at |

    @Anna Every time we have choice time in LA, you have the option of creative writing. I usually ask you to do that on Google Docs and share with me. Are you wanting more time to write in a notebook instead?

  6. 19grace at |

    I loved your picture and I think your post is very nice!😜

  7. Kara Kooken at |

    Those sure are some cute puppy dogs! They are grateful for you–especially when you feed them, play with them and take them for walks. 🙂 I am grateful for you as well. I love your steady disposition, pragmatic nature and funny sense of humor! XOXO Mom

  8. Jess Soler at |

    I agree with you Franny, we can’t forget about real books! Reading from a screen is not the same as holding the real book 🙂

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