I Am Grateful For…By: Sam G.


Picture taken by:Sam G

I am grateful for chocolate Labrador Monte. Monte is 8 years old and loves food even though he is only 70 lbs.! Monte is energetic and plays with me and my brothers every day. Our family often enjoys playing our favorite prank on him. We take a paper grocery bag and put it on his head. He then angrily tears it off his head and begins the show. He attacks the bag and rips it into a hundred pieces and then wags his tail for another fight. He loves to go on walks and enjoy our company. He is a great companion. Our family loves him and I am proud that we have Monte for our dog.

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2 thoughts on “I Am Grateful For…By: Sam G.

  1. I also did my post on my dog. Personally I think that my dog is cuter, but that’s just my opinion. Your dog is also very cute.

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