I Am Thankful For… by Jenny

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I am thankful for sleep. I am thankful for sleep because without sleep you would be grumpy and cranky in the morning. When you go to sleep you can forget about all the bad things that happened the night before and just relax and sleep. It is good to get your 8-10 hours of sleep! I love to go to sleep so I can just relax and think about how the next day is going to be and all of the good things that can happen. I am grateful that we have sleep so we can get all of our stress out and just SLEEP.

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6 thoughts on “I Am Thankful For… by Jenny

  1. I 😍 your article Jenny! Especially because I love to sleep too,but my mom thinks I’m too lazy,but you reasoned very reasonable reasons so that I can prove to my mom that sleeping is GOOD!😜

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