I am Thankful for…….by Lana K.






There are many things that I am thankful for, for example, my Uggs (boots), my Northface (jacket), my phone, etc. Although, there is one thing that stands out of most of them. My education. There are some kids in the world that don’t even have pencils to write with or books to read. I go to Durham Academy. A place where, on a daily basis, I get to see my friends and expand my knowledge of various subjects. I get taught Language Arts, Spanish, Math, Sports, History, Science, and a Fine Art. But, the people I should thank are my parents, who drive me to school, and pay for it. By doing those things makes me know they really care. DA is such a great place to go to school because, for one, almost all of my closest friends attend DA, and two, they make learning fun (most of the time). This particular holiday season, you should think about what your thankful for and make sure to acknowledge it. Have a Happy Turkey Day!

7 thoughts on “I am Thankful for…….by Lana K.

  1. That’s an amazing thing to be thankful for! I am also thankful to have the opportunity to go to DA. Great post!

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