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Open note tests can be hard or easy. Today my class took an open note test on wisdom tales. I think that the open note test is much easier than regular tests because I often stress trying memorize everything. But don’t try to take advantage of that. Still, if you don’t study, you won’t understand what it’s talking about.

This LA test was a great experience even though I’ve taken several other open note tests. And with the iPad, it’s so much easier! You would have to write everything down by hand which tires you a lot, and you have to look through every page to find the right note if it wasn’t for the iPad.

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5 thoughts on “An Open Note Test by Bella

  1. I haven’t taken any at DA,but one or two in 5th grade. Science and history I think are the hardest to memorize everything. But we didn’t have iPads,so it was very hard. I don’t exactly know why,because it was the teachers decision…😅 We had a TON of notecards!😥📝📖📚📄📑📇📓!!!

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