Open Note Test by Anna W.

For the last couple months in Language arts class we have been reading and taking notes on many wisdom tales. We have learned the different types of wisdom tales and all of the wisdom tales are from different countries.

After taking all those notes we had about a week to prepare our notes and study for a big open note test. To prepare for the test, I underlined important things, inserted my MindMeister map of all the types of wisdom tales, and made an extra credit MindMeister map of all the morals from all the wisdom tales. I spent a lot of time preparing and it really paid off.

On the day of the test I was nervous because I knew it was going to be really long. I came to start the test early during tutorial just so I could have some extra time. It was very long but not that hard. There was a section of writing summaries, fill in the blank, read and take nots on a wisdom tale, matching, etc. I even had to stay after school because it was so long, but I feel really confident that I got a good grade.

I thought the test was a good way to test us on how well of notes we took and if we payed attention in class. Although, I do feel the test was unnecessarily long. I don’t think we really needed to write six essays. Also most of the other tests I have taken only took one period not two plus tutorial plus a little bit of time after school. I do like that it was open notes because if it wasn’t, that would be a lot of stuff to remember. I hope I never have a test that long again!

5 thoughts on “Open Note Test by Anna W.

  1. Thanks for the great tips, Anna! I hope I don’t have to take a test that long again, either!

  2. Tehe. Me too, I had to chip off a little bit of tutorial,and both periods plus a few extra minutes after the bell rang… I don’t want to have a long test like that again either, but I know we both will…. A LOT. And I agree on the essays… it made me kind of drifted off into something else…😅

  3. @Anna You thoroughly prepared for this test. You are the type of student who pays attention to many details. Which part of the test took you longer to do? Is there a way to make that faster for you besides taking away part of the test? Or do you think because you write so much and you care to check your work that it takes you longer?

  4. yeah, it was LOOOONG! I don’t want to have another long one (i know we will have many though!)

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