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On Wednesday, Mrs. Donnelly’s class had an open- note wisdom tales test. I liked it because I didn’t have to remember as much as regular tests. I was also able to work a little faster with the Emojis and highlighting job I had done. It helped me find the specific stories. I didn’t have to do much to study except for my highlighting and Emojis because I had been going over them every time we had to do another in our notes.

The Mind Meister map helped also. I would not have been able to remember all of the different types of stories. Overall, I like having open note tests rather than regular tests because they make me feel less stressed. I was also able to learn how to right a proper essay which I am guessing will come in handy later on in schooling. It definitely made me realize how much easier it is to organize notes when you have tons of different notes all together like that. I will definitely be using that strategy again and I hope it will be for another open- note test (more preferably, a quiz!).

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3 thoughts on “Open- note Wisdom Tales Test by Franny

  1. @Franny – you have so many great things to share. Your Emoji’s are really very clever. I can tell you really think about which one will convey the message for Wisdom Tales or for your vocabulary. It makes me smile when you comment on the fact that essay writing is an important part of this test. Finally, I think less stress is a really big point!! Tests should be an opportunity to show your confidence and knowledge, not freak you out, right?

  2. I agree that open-note tests are less stressful (in terms of memorizing), but when I paged through the test the first thing that popped in my mind was: OH MY GOODNESS! After I set to work I calmed down.

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