Wisdom Tales Test by: Ellie





Drawn on Skitch

After I took the test my hands were all stiff and they hurt. My knuckles were pinker than normal.

There was a lot of writing in the essay part of the test. It took a long time to complete this part and this part was really tough on my fingers.

The morals on some of the tales were hard to think of yet others were quite easy. I thought the easiest was Old Dog and Coyote because it was about a dog that helped a coyote and the coyote helped his in return, simple. A hard one was How the Quetzal got his Red Breast because there was nothing the really stuck out that someone did something really out of the ordinary. Some tales were moderately easy.

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  1. @Ellie – If you had to take the test on your iPad, how do you think it would have been to flip between the test and your notes? Do you think typing on the iPad would have been easier? Would you rather type answers in Evernote? Google Docs? Other?

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