Wisdom Tales Test by Julia K






To prepare for the test, I re-read all of my wisdom tales, highlighted key words, and studied the types of stories. Also, I made a MindMeister map on the moral connection of all the stories for extra credit. To me, open note tests aren’t great but they aren’t horrible. I think this because I don’t like how they are harder but I like how we can use our notes.

For this test I was happy that it was open note because there were so many wisdom tales so it would be really hard to remember everything. Overall, I think it’s better that we used the iPad because without them we would have had to write all the tales, carry more stuff and we wouldn’t be able to use MindMeister right off of our iPads.

The test wasn’t hard, just long and a lot of writing. Something that I think would have helped would be giving more space for writing the essay because some people have big handwriting and it is hard to squeeze it into the small lines.

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