Wisdom Tales Test by Nathan

I thought using the iPad for this open note test was extremely useful because it was all organized and neat plus I have messy handwriting so it would be a problem if I had to use notes from paper but it was typed! Gosh it took a long time learning the wisdom tales and the types of stories but it was a long test so it evens out.
Open note tests, if you have had one you know they are just as hard as closed note tests because there is so much content and a lot more thinking problems instead of just answers from the book. In all, I think it was still a little too much preparing for little things like “which story has the same moral as…” Oh well, I’m just glad to be done with that unit!

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Tales Test by Nathan

  1. it’s soooo much neater when I type! I remember things better when I write them though. at least we didn’t have to memorize anything!

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