Wisdom Tales Comic by Julia

After we finished taking our wisdom tales test, we made a Comic Life project for a wisdom tale of our choice. I chose the story Everyone Agrees to Peace. At first I tried using Skitch to draw pictures for my comic, but it wasn’t really working out too well so I just drew what I wanted on a piece of paper. Then, I took a picture of my drawings and inserted it into Comic Life. I then added all of my speech bubbles and titles. I liked doing this project because we got to be creative and it wasn’t very hard.

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6 thoughts on “Wisdom Tales Comic by Julia

  1. @Julia – Your drawings make your comic look vintage. I like how you combined old and new.

  2. I love your drawings! I liked how you used paper and pencil, it makes it dynamic and special!

  3. Thank you! I was planning to use Skitch or another drawing app but I’m not very good at drawing on the iPad so I just did paper and pencil.

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