The Lion Makers Comic By Joanna

Lion and people

Our class chose one wisdom tale each and we made a comic about it. I chose The Lion Makers. In the Lion Makers, three people in India bring a lion back to life and get eaten while the person with common sense is in a tree and keeps living his life. The moral of this story is that common sense is just as important as academic knowledge. I chose this tale because it is interesting to me. I liked drawing the pictures a lot, and I used Skitch for drawing them. I used Skitch because I can acces the pictures easily from both a computer and an iPad. For the comic, I used Comic Life. Comic Life has lots of useful things, and it is easy to use.

5 thoughts on “The Lion Makers Comic By Joanna

  1. I know this might sound like I am a cruel person, but I thought that the story was kind of funny.

  2. Interesting, not a lot of people choose to do the Lion Makers! It was one of my favorite wisdom tales.

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