Wisdom Tales Comic by Franny C

In language arts, we read a book of wisdom tales and took notes on them. After our wisdom tales test, we did a wisdom tales comic. For our comic, we used Comic Life and we put together a comic that showed the story of a wisdom tale. I did The Lion Makers. I really liked this project because we were able to do it sort of on our own time and in class time. I liked drawing the pictures and picking out the format for my comic like doing the text box and other words fill color! I like doing that kind of design-type stuff. For me, this was a really nice experience and I will definitely be doing more comics for fun and- who knows- maybe they will be for another class too!

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Tales Comic by Franny C

  1. I did The Lion Makers too for my wisdom tale. If you go to Mrs. Williams site and go to my blogs, you can see my version of the Lion Makers! Great job on your blog!!! You are such a great artist!!!!!!!!!!

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