Wisdom Tale Comic of The Wild Strawberry by Noah









My L.A. class and I have just recently finished our unit on wisdom tales. We were asked to create a comic on Comic Life that was based on a wisdom tale. I used Skitch at the beginning but I found out that Sketchbook Express was better for drawing and switched over to draw my last few drawings.

For my comic I chose the wisdom tale: The Wild Strawberry. In the story, a man is getting chased by a tiger, he sees a vine on a cliff and jumps to grab on to the vine. The man thought he was safe, but then he saw a tiger at the bottom of the cliff as well. He saw a strawberry on the vine and picked it. The man ate the strawberry and it was only then when he realized how sweet a strawberry could taste. The wisdom tale’s moral is: Even in the worst situations, something will always be good.

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