My Wisdom Tale Comic By Charlie E.










My Comic was on the wisdom tale “Blinded by Greed.” In this story a man is walking through the market. He walks past all the stalls, until he gets to the jewelry stall. He realizes to himself that if he steals all the jewels he would be rich. He grabs handfuls of them and starts running. He is trapped by the crowd until the policeman gets there. While in jail, he is asked why he stole all those jewels in such a large crowd. The man simply replies, “I was blinded by Greed.”

My moral idea for this story is do not let greed get the best of you. My experience with the programs I used, Skitch and Comic Life, have led me to dislike Skitch greatly and I have come to love Comic Life. I dislike Skitch because there are only a few tools and it is missing to many basic writing program tools. I love Comic Life because there is an abundance of different mechanics and tools. I think this project was very fun.

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