The Misunderstood Bear by Will P

The Misunderstood Bear

There was a young salmon who enjoyed merrily swimming throughout the stream. He would play from morning until night every day. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Salmon, were worried about their son because of Bruce. Bruce was the immense bear who terrorized all of the fish in the stream. He lived pretty close to the stream and legend has it that he lived in a dark, spooky, cave.

One especially gloomy evening, Bruce lumbered over to the stream where the young fish was playing with his friends. Hearts thumping, tails swishing, eyes wide, all of the other fish swam away as fast as their little fins and tails could go. The young salmon stayed where he was, frozen from fright. He couldn’t help but notice Bruce’s gigantic, sharp, front teeth. Just as the salmon got out of his trance, he heard Bruce.

“Why does everyone always run away from me? Bruce questioned. “I have never done anything to them.” The young salmon thought about this and he himself wondered why everyone is afraid of Bruce. Bruce and the young fish started discussing this and they soon became good friends. They played with each other until it was very late at night.

When the young salmon went home his mom scolded him for being out past curfew. When the young fish told his parents about his new friendship with the bear both of his parents became very furious. The young salmon tried to tell his parents that Bruce is nice but they did not listen to him. In fact, they told him that he is never allowed to go near Bruce again! Every day, the young salmon secretly visited the bear and played with him.

One day, the salmon thought that everyone in the fish community ought to know the bear. He tried to explain to the town of fish that Bruce is sweet and funny. Mr. Trout, the president of the stream, agreed with him and soon enough, all of the fish in the stream were friends with Bruce.

Moral: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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  1. Will, I love the moral of your story. It is so important that we get to know people rather than rely on rumors or outward appearances. I think your story would be great for younger students to read as they are learning how to be good friends.

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