The Rescuers by Julia

The Rescuers

There once was a kangaroo named Carlin who lived in Australia. His best friend, Regan, was very funny and the two young kangaroos had fun wrestling and rolling around in the dirt. When they were both two years old, they went to go play with the other kangaroos. There was a kangaroo named Balor who was very popular, but was also known to be mean.

“You have permission to be with us,” commented Balor to Regan.

Balor then looked Carlin over.

“And you, well, you are so short and skinny. You will never be able to be anything special. Why did you even come over here? You do not deserve me or my friends.”

Carlin was so sad and wondered why Balor had called him small. Carlin had never noticed anything different about himself. Then, he looked around and noticed that even the kangaroos younger than him towered over him.

“Well, bye then Carlin,” Regan stated cheerfully.

That was when Carlin realized it. Regan was leaving him. Regan cared more about himself than Carlin’s feelings. But that was that, and there was nothing he could do.

“See you later, Regan,” Carlin replied, forcing a smile.

Then Carlin walked away and sat down by himself, watching the kangaroo that was once his best friend. Later that day, when Carlin was eating his food, Regan approached him.

“Hey, Carlin,” Regan said with a sneer.

“Um, hello Regan,” replied Carlin with uncertainty in his voice.

“You are so small and stupid, how could you even think that you had the potential to be anything? You will never be anything special, just a scrawny little kangaroo that never was,” commented Regan.

“But… Regan, how could you do this to me? You are my best friend!” protested Carlin.

“No, not are. Was. A mistake on my part. Something that I never should have done,” Regan told him harshly.

“What?” questioned Carlin

“Oh look, he’s so small that his brain must not have had enough room to fully grow. Let me show him something really special,” teased Balor.

With that, Balor started hitting Carlin. It hurt so badly that Carlin was close to tears.

After hitting Carlin a few times, Balor dropped Carlin on the ground and walked away with Regan. After this, Carlin decided to run away from his community. He had decided that he couldn’t stand people being mean to him and seeing Regan change like that.

A few days later after walking in the desert, Carlin was hungry, tired, and dehydrated. He knew that he couldn’t go much farther, so he just sat down on the ground and soon he was asleep.

He woke up later surrounded by a hippo, a dingo (an Australian wild dog) and a koala. After blinking a few times, Carlin realized that he was in a desert cave. When he took a closer look at the animals, he realized that they all had something unusual about them.

“Who are you?” questioned Carlin

“We are animals like you. We were rejected from our communities so we ran away and found each other. We call ourselves The Rescuers. I am Austin,” explained the hippo.

“And I am Baz and this is Ethan,” said the dingo.

“Oh, ok. Well thank you for rescuing me,” thanked Carlin

“You are very welcome. We enjoy finding new friends,” Ethan exclaimed

“Well, where do I go from here?” wondered Carlin

“You can go back to your community or you can live with us. Together we help animals like us and have fun together. We don’t care what you look like, we only care about your attitude and kindness to others. This cave here, this is our home,” Austin told Carlin

“I would love to live with you guys! I already know that you are kind because if you weren’t, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you so much!”

“You are very welcome!” replied Austin, Ethan and Baz.

And the four friends lived happily together for the rest of their lives.

This story shows you that just because someone is different, doesn’t mean that they are bad. Never judge a book by it’s cover, because you may be missing out on something special.


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