Wisdom Tale The Dolphin’s Speed by Frederick C


The Dolphin’s Speed

One beautiful morning in the ocean, a great white shark waited, hungry and ferocious,for something to eat. So he set out to catch his prey. A mile away, lived a dolphin, who didn’tcare what others said about how it was dangerous to go out by himself, but he wanted toexplore. He was made fun of because a 15-year-old dolphin was at least 2 feet bigger, wider,and the other dolphins were much stronger than he was. It always bothered him, so he’d hidefrom them.

All his fellow dolphins were asleep; of course they wouldn’t be awake on a Sunday. Heset out to explore places he’d never seen, but he came across the great white shark. The sharkunderestimated him and decided that he should be his meal. He approached and chased thedolphin, but the dolphin had too much speed for him. Since he was too fast for the shark, heescaped easily. The dolphin thought, “I may be small and weak, but it enables me to go faster.

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